[thesite] Voting Application - initial DB ideas

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Wed Jan 30 22:04:00 CST 2002

On Jan 31, Isaac Forman had something to say about [thesite] Voting...

>Very rough:

fair enough :)

>id, name, description, priv, opendate, closedate, announced (simple flag)

add questiontype

values: "vote", "appeal", "revote"


the announced flag most likely isn't necessary unless you're planning on
running the announcement by some cron job or something.

that kind of flag would be most useful if the flag existed on the user
level, for use when power goes out when going through very long lists of
members. but, i dont think it's needed at all in this case

>id, questionid, name, description (optional)
>id, priv, name, password, email, (active - not sure if required (see

if you're going to use group, you should probably put priv there, not
on user. e.g. i'm on admin but not theforum, i shouldn't be able to vote
on theforum's votes.

in other words, this stuff should be on a (shiver) role-level rather than

>id, optionid, userid, timestamp

optionid nullable for abstaining?

>id, name, description
>userid, groupid, active (i.e., if user is active within that group)

>Also thought that it might be good to have an option so that the app could
>contact anyone who is yet to vote on an issue.
>i.e., once a question has been proposed, you Announce it (hence announced
>flag). Then maybe 36 hours later, as a courtesy (not required, just if you
>remember, or if people are forgetting to vote), you Notify, which privately
>emails all registered voters who are yet to vote on the issue, with a
>reminder of closing time, etc.

you can do this with a cf script and the fields above.


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