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A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Sun Mar 17 14:51:00 CST 2002

Hello, all! I just wanted to forward this document (at end of this
email) to thesite and see if this can be implemented. We basically need
to get together a voting application that can serve a few different
	- formal voting
	- polling available to all evolt members (login/pass)
	- polling available to any site visitor

We've hashed through this document pretty thoroughly (I hope!) over on
theforum list and the start of the document discussion begins here:

I've tried to be very clear in the reqs document and cover the basic
aspects. What I did not delve into was how logins or privilege levels
would be used to close off polls. I'm hoping that you all can suss that
out; it's information that I'm not totally privy to anyway.

The levels of voting that I can see needing to be implemented would go
something like this:
	- open poll available to any site visitor
	- poll open to all evolt members with login/pass
	- vote open to multiple list groups (thesite, theforum, etc.)
	- vote open to individual list groups only (thesite, theforum,
admin etc.)

I am not subscribed to thesite list but will try and follow discussion
in the archives. If you have any questions for me, please email me at
amanda at gawow.com.

Thanks to Isaac, Jeff Howden, Adrian, Elfur, Matt W., Madhu, Rudy,
Martin, Michele, Ron Luther, and Erika for help and participation in
getting this document together.

- amanda

The VotingReqs document can be found at the evolt wiki
http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/VotingReqs or pasted below:



Currently the decision-making body of evolt.org has no method for taking
an official vote which includes tracking of the vote, tallying results,
recording the vote and notifying voting members of a vote in progress or
its results.

The current ad-hoc system of ayes and nays (or +1s) works in a general
sense but fails when buy-in is required from a larger number of people
on an important issue. It also fails in terms of tracking the vote
results and progress.

A more formalized system of voting has been requested and this document
aims to produce a tool to facilitate that process.

In addition, this document takes into account an informal polling
mechanism for use with visitors or members of the evolt.org site.

Vote: refers to the application which requires a login and password to
participate in. A vote is formal. A vote does not show individual voters
choices but may tally total number voted throughout the voting period. A
vote does not reveal results until the closing of the vote. Even at that
time, individual participant votes are not shown.

Voting body: individuals participating in a formal vote.

Poll: refers to an informal and open application. This also does not
show individuals choices but does show a running tally of results that
may be viewed at any time. May require login/pass but can be absolutely
open--any visitor can participate.

Purpose of document
The purpose of this document is to outline the requirements for a voting
application and polling tool to be used by evolt's general membership
and visitors.


Requirements list

Voting and Polling Application features:
--Create a vote or poll based on login/privilege code.
(Only those with a certain privilege code will be able to call a vote or
poll -- may need to also specify list-specific voting groups.)
--Polls and votes will have a start time and an end time based on GMT.
--Notify voting body through individual emails that a vote has been
called and give the details including day/time voting closes, nature of
a vote and any associated details.
--Notify voting body when 24 hours until end of vote.
--Notify voting body when a vote has closed.
--Tally votes after the closing of a vote and show results.
--Does not identify individual voters and votes.
(This allows people the anonymity to vote in an unpopular way as well as
not be swayed by the voters before them. If possible, anonymity should
be kept in perpetuity to all people.)
--Allow a voter to go in and change their own vote at any time while the
vote is still open.
--Votes and results are archived.
--A poll will be less formal and can be open to the general public. The
poll will keep a running tally of results, viewable at any time. The
poll will not reveal individuals voter's preferences nor will it notify
voters of anything.
--Polls and results are archived.

Interface elements:
--Initial screen to choose between a poll or a vote.
--A field for summation of the subject of the vote or poll.
(Any changes to this field after submission should, if possible, trigger
an announcement email to the voting body.)
--Radio boxes for creating your option(s).
--A memo field for additional information which can be toggled on and
(This could and should include URLs? to archive postings related to the
vote at hand as well as any historical notations relevant to the vote.)
Show at any time and to any voter how many people have voted and
possible number of voters.
(for example: 12/20 -12 voters out of a possible 20 have registered
their votes)

amanda at gawow.com + http://gawow.com

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