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Tue Mar 19 15:30:01 CST 2002


> From: Daniel J. Cody
> > i'm guessing most browsers don't correctly interpret
> > the 301 error code, at least not ie6 or nn4.  nn6.2
> > performs the redirect properly.  nn4 just shows an
> > ugly 404 page with a link to the article.  ie6 (and i
> > suspect ie5.x also) just throw up an internal error
> > page.  that's not terribly useful at all.  not sure
> > what the solution is.
> no, most browsers do interpret it correctly. if they're
> not, its because friendly error messages are turned on
> (ie5x worked for me on PC and mac).

well, friendly http error messages has *long* since been turned off on my machine, so that's not it.

it does seem to work on mac/ie5 though.

> NN4 also showed an evolt page with a link and 'sorry'
> paragraph on os9.1, linux and windows, so i'm not sure
> what you're seeing...

yeah, that's what i meant by an ugly 404 page.

> the problem, as demonstrated above, is that we're using
> the wrong protocol version to test this out. in http 1.1
> 301 is a permanent move, 302 is 'found'. in http 1.0 301
> is temporarily moved and 302 is perm.

seriously?  they switched them to be the opposite of what they were in http1.0?  this is the sort of thing i hate about waving standards in people's face.  if the standards can't even get the shit right between different versions, how the heck can we expect browsers to get it right.

i think the solution is to use status code 302 since far more browsers know what to do with that.


jeff at members.evolt.org

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