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Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Tue Mar 19 15:58:01 CST 2002

Daniel J. Cody wrote:
> the problem, as demonstrated above, is that we're using the wrong
> protocol version to test this out. in http 1.1 301 is a permanent move,
> 302 is 'found'. in http 1.0 301 is temporarily moved and 302 is perm.

No it isn't. 302 is "Moved temporarily" in 1.0, and "Found" in 1.1.
Their meanings are the same, though. 301 and 302 have not been switched
in between versions. But the browser support for all 30x responses is
basically really crappy. I don't know of any major browser that doesn't
interpret 302 as "go here. now.", though.


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