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Lindsay Evans lindsay at redsquare.com.au
Wed May 1 01:39:00 CDT 2002

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> > > i'd dream of python, but there are a limited number of people on
> > > thesite who know that.. php was brought up while william and i were
> > > informally discussing it because it has excellent integration with the
> > > os and filesystem, among other things.
> >
> >ok, i think i'd rather go with PHP, because i can do it, and Python
> >is too much more to add to my brain and not forget something like my
> >address...
> I pump Python, maybe 12 hours a day sometimes.
> I also push PHP, je parle Perl, and occasionally pimp Postgres.

Just to be a pain in the ass, I'd prefer JSP.

What were we talking about again?

I've just hit a bit of a dead spot here at work, so anything I can do to
help, I will.

Relevant skills 'n stuff:

Flash4/5/MX (ActionScript)
some Perl
some C++
JSP (on WebLogic)

I've also been known to dabble in databases (oracle, mysql, ms sql server),
design, IA and tequila drinking

 Lindsay Evans.
 Red Square Productions.

 [p] 8596.4000
 [f] 8596.4001
 [w] www.redsquare.com.au

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