[thesite] bad spam

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue May 7 13:34:01 CDT 2002

so, how many other people got offlist emails complaining about the

i'd love to say that i hate to bring this up again, but i don't, because
it's something i think isn't yet resolved, at least not for the few
offlist (and one onlist) response to it that i've received...

as i look through my own spam filter, i see that the subjects can
be a hella lot worse than that... how long before those get through?
 how many evolters have to explain to their boss-men that those
messages from a list to their *specific address* aren't opt-in?

so, i again ask, what is easier:

- having a few people constantly manage a spam filter for a group of
people on the list that, near as i can tell, amounts to 0.1% so they
can post from anywhere in the world...

- close the lists and allow people to either sub other addys (set to
nomail) or have the list admin add them to the exceptions list?

and what is friendlier?

- have a dozen people added to the exceptions list?

- have some listers forcibly removed from their list thanks to office
policy at their places of employment, while the rest of us just
waste time deleting them...

theforum is closed, and so far nobody has complained of any
problems... granted, it's been quiet over there, but it was also the
weekend, and four of the louder types were busy getting drunk
together in TO...

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