[thesite] quick change

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Tue May 7 18:59:01 CDT 2002

djc says:

>its pretty apparent that a couple very outspoken people don't want me to
>have anything to do with evolt anymore, no matter how much they sugar
>coat it.

This is black and white thinking.

Have you considered the possibility that people want something 
different (and perhaps even reasonable) from you, *not* that they 
want to push you out of evolt.org?

There is such a thing as middle ground.
Compromise... sharing responsibility... etc.

>i do thank them for having he courtesy to bring out the personal attcks
>on and off list while i was in the country this time though.

which personal attacks would those be?

>there have been those of us who've said we put so much time into 
>evolt because its fun, ya know? how fun are some of you making it?

I don't know.  How fun are you making it?

>and maybe i'll just take a breather right here before i say something
>that i may regret later.

not a bad idea.


It's possible to disagree with someone and still get along.

It's possible to criticize a person's action and still 
like/love/respect the person.

Evolt.org is a big complex relationship... most of us want it to work.

So please chill.

We love you.
We want you.



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