[thesite] Moving On

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sun May 12 08:07:00 CDT 2002

Hey Folks ....

As many of you are aware, the past 6-8 weeks have been rather *crazy* for
me.  I've sold my condo of 10 years, packed up and moved 350 miles (500 km)
away from Toronto, my home for all of my life, to start a new life in
Ottawa, Canada's national capital.  Lots of changes and lots of decisions
made.  A couple of photos if anyone wants to have a look:

with captions, low res.

without captions, high res.

Anyway, the purpose of this message is to officially announce that I've
decided to leave the "background" of evolt.org.  Over the past 17 months, I
have seen many changes for evolt.org.  Most of them good, and I'm sure there
are even better changes to come for the organization.  It has been a
pleasure (most of the time ;) to be so involved in such a diverse and
exciting community.  Now, it's time for me to move on, explore my new
surroundings, find myself, and build a new life.  I'm not sure how involved
in web development I'll remain, but there are a lot of side projects I know
I want to pursue.

Evolt stuff on my m.e.o. account ...


On my site, may be some information that evolt.org wishes to retain and/or
use in the future:

(1)  I would appreciate it if someone copied everything within Tagwear to
another location that can be accessed by whomever takes on that project in
the future.  I spent many hours pulling that information together and
scanning product photos; it would be a shame for it to be lost.  You will
find all files within my Tagwear sub-directory.

(2) Codefest:  Someone should retain all of those files from the codefest
held last fall.  (I'll also include the photos on my own server.)

(3) CSS Files:  All are on teo.  No need to copy them from my meo account.
In fact, the ones on teo may be more current.

(4)  AnswerThis:  Matt, you can decide if you want the text from those files
for any reason.

(5)  Editor's Guidelines:  Admin can decide if they want the version I
created and/or also the version Dan created.  Both are on my meo account at
the moment.

(6)  Rudy/Jeff:  One of you may wish to retain the Category Types file .. it
may be needed in the future.

I will delete all evolt.org info off of my meo account at the end of this

On the wiki ...

I've deleted my own page.  Chris, the QA/QC stuff, I've copied to your page
for now.  Feel free to do what you like with it.  I never did modify it as
we had discussed.  I'll leave that up to others to do.

The three vote results I had looked after have been sent to Elfur to
maintain on the secretary's site.

I think that's all I have to pass on.  If I've forgotten anything, just
email me directly and I'll try to find it.

I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heart-felt *Thank You* to
Dan, Jeff, Matt, Dean, Rudy and Adrian .. for each of you tirelessly, always
answering my questions and for teaching me more than I'd ever hoped I would
learn about web development, databases and mailing lists.  Over the past 17
months I've learned more than I could ever have learned alone or just on
thelist and reading the site.  I've learned about accessibility, usability,
CSS, creating sites that are usable and stylish, best practices for database
development, how to think through complex SQL queries, and many other
things.  All of the knowledge I've gained I owe to each of you mentioned
above... and for that, I Thank You.

I've had the pleasure of meeting each and every one of you... the last in
the list being Jeff last weekend.  We've had some great times, we've shared
a lot of beers .. and we've shed some tears when our time together has

I have unsubbed from all lists (once this message gets through of course ;)
[except thelist] .. and I've deleted all passwords and access information to
all evolt.org
sites (except my meo account).

Best wishes and best of luck to everyone.  :)


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