[thesite] My situation.

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon May 13 12:41:00 CDT 2002

I had a big long 'typical dan' email written up, but it's length and 
general cheese factor have led to it's demise and the spawning of a new, 
shorter, 'kinder gentler' email to explain my situation. I'll try to 
keep it short, relevant, and emotion-free as possible.

The reason.

Although I've always invested a huge amount of time into evolt, the last 
year or so, I've really gotten nothing done, and what I did get done 
wasn't all that fun. I miss the old days I guess, where if a cool idea 
surfaced, someone did it, and everyone appreciated it. In the move to a 
  more proccess/structured/business orientated evolt, some of that 
inevitably gets left behind.

I've come to realize in the past couple weeks that I really haven't done 
shit with my life outside of evolt for the past year, and I don't think 
its coincidence. My friends and family have seen it too. I'm no longer 
as excitable or optimistic as I once was (And I am not going to say here 
  its a fault of anyone or anything btw) about a lot of things. I'm way 
behind the curve in the things I love and do best. I haven't spoken at a 
professional conference - something I used to do with great frequency - 
for over a year. Those are among the professional things that I've not 
done for the past year, and some personal stuff that I won't get into as 

I've also realized that evolt no longer seems to be heading in the 
direction I set out with over three years ago. I'm not saying this to 
start a flame war or anything, but all I'm going to say about that is 
that evolt is *NOT* a business and it shouldn't be run like one. When 
the Primary focus of evolt stops being whats on the footer of every 
page, and starts becoming, for example, the process of becoming a 
Non-For-Profit - something is wrong. I understand the need for accepting 
donations and that sort of stuff, but evolt is a community based upon 
its members, and when the people that set direction for that community 
*stop* relying on its members, and start focusing on the easiest way for 
corporations to conribute in a tax-free manner, I see that as a prob. 
You all should realize that someone within the community will always 
step up to handle whatever it is that you're looking for corporations to 
provide. And you should embrace that spirit, not ostracize it.
I'd also like to point out that I'm not the only one who see's major 
problems with some things.

So, in condensed form: I think its time for me to move on with other 
projects in my life, although I'll always be extremely proud of where 
evolt.org was when I left it. That, and not to be an asshole, but 
dealing with the shit that has been said about me for the last year
really starts to get old, and no matter how strong a person anyone may 
be, it starts to wear on you.
Take it how you will, but when the community's biggest, longest, and 
most adament supporter leaves, there is a problem, whether you're 
willing to admit that or not.

There's a lot I'm leaving out here too. Frankly, I'm happy to be done 
with the politics, and don't wish to bring up a lot of the things that 
I'd like to, because it honestly wouldn't do any good.

So, thats the reasoning, more or less.

The future:

I will continue to host evolt.org as it stands untill January 2003. 
Couple reasons. The biggest being I'm not going to screw all the people 
(naturally) that depend on evolt.org, many of who I love and respect. A 
smaller reason: I'm not going to prove the negative people right who 
said, to paraphrase, "Dan will take his ball and go home", or "He's just 
in it for the power" (my favorite).

Seven months should be a long enough time for you all to decide evolt's 
next physical home, migrate it there, etc. Of course, I'll do anything 
to help out on this end when/where it's needed.

The administration of the servers, accounts, and pretty much everything 
else I used to do will need to be handed over to someone as well. Again, 
I'll do my best to provide a smooth transition to that process.

The hardware is something that you'll all have to decide on how to 
handle. I'm not really interested in keeping any of it except the meo 
box(sans RAID card) because frankly, thats about $2500 i sank into that 
box, and I'd like to hang onto it.  Again, just let me know what the 
plan is, or cc me in on any discussion/converstation/decisions or let me 
know if you need more info on any of that stuff.

I'm sure there are some other things that will need to be addressed, so 
feel free to CC me in on anything and I'll do my best to help out.

I'll also continue to correspond, privately and on IRC, with many of you 
who have over the years become some of my best and most trusted friends.

I'm not really looking to debate the issues in this email, and I'd just 
like to get my feelings out there for once without having them picked 
apart or counter-defended. I'll also be sending out a farewell message 
to the other lists to explain(in less detail) whats going on. I hope 
thats OK.

I've known a number of you for over four years, and fuck does time fly. 
It still amazes me that I was only 22 years old when 'the email' went out.
I've shared some births, some seperations, some deaths, some unions - 
you might recall all the rest - in person and in spirit. It has been a 
pleasure and honor working with many of you, and I look forward to 
continuing the friendships that have been built within this community.

Although a part of me is sad that it's come to this, I couldn't be 
prouder of all I've done to help make evolt.org what it is today, and it 
will serve as one of my - albeit young - life's major accomplishments. 
Nor could I be more excited to take on some new challenges in my life.

I look forward to running into many of you in various places on the 
'Net, and wish you all the best in everything you do. :)

Your pal,


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