[thesite] converting ellipsis on site to valid entity

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue May 14 23:29:01 CDT 2002

> From: "rudy" <r937 at interlog.com>
> > (looking forward to v3, when we create our *own* DTD)
> not until we first find a new host
> i plan to bring this up on theforum
> all those groups and committees are moot
> no host come january, remember?
> we have to focus on that, and *only* that

we're not one person, though... if some folks still wanna move ahead 
on plans for v3, not only can it act as a motivating catalyst, but if 
those people aren't doing anything related to the move, why not let 
them contribute?

i agree, the hosting is the #1 priority, but there's no reason to put 
everyone in a holding pattern if they have the time or energy...

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