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It worked when I shortened the data quoted from the mail. It would make 
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SQL = "update contact set active = '0', answer = 'Hi Robert Sounds 
interesting. Evolt.org has quite a few UK-based members, and I''m sure 
this would be relevant for some of them. If you''d like the event 
publicised, you can either 1) Submit it as an article at 
http://evolt.org/article/index.html?action=submit (you''ll need to 
register first) or 2) Post it to evolt''s discussion list, thelist. 
(You''ll need to join first - signup at 
http://lists.evolt.org/mailman/listinfo/thelist) Cheers Martin Burns -on 
behalf of evolt.org- More questions? http://evolt.org/faq On 23-MAY-02, 
Robert Stevens(***@*****) 
wrote: -------------------------------------------- Dear Sir / madam, 
Please find below an invitation to attend the UK''s first Accessible 
Multimedia forum. I would be grateful if you could forward this e-mail 
to members of your organisation who are interested in accessibility 
issues, multimedia and learning technology. Thank you for your 
assistance. Robert Stevens An Invitation to attend the Accessible 
Multimedia Forum Thursday 30 May, 1:30 - 4:30 PM, London W1 More details 
at www.bunnyfoot.com/forum An introduction to accessible multi-media - 
demonstrating the benefits to all of this powerful technology. Short 
talks, demonstrations and Q&A from our speaker panel: Julie Howell 
- -Campaigns Officer (Accessible Internet) for the Royal National 
Institute for the Blind. Julie is an active member of the W3C Web 
Accessibility Initiative, has advised the UK Government on its web 
design strategy, and worked with one of the world''s most successful 
e-grocers, Tesco.com, to make its service accessible to disabled 
customers Fiona Garfield - star of one of BT''s Bringing people together 
campaign. In the advert, Fiona plays Hannah, a secretary who is deaf, 
using an office videophone on her first day in a new job. She is using 
it for a gossipy chat with a friend at home and you know the rest (if 
not view the accessible video of the advert www.bunnyfoot.com/forum). 
When not in front of the camera, Fiona is a production manager for 
Remark, a young, vibrant company dealing with all aspects of 
television/video production, multi-media and the internet. Terrence 
Charles-McLean, has an almost unique perspective of how empowering 
technology can be. Fully sighted until his mid twenties, Terrence 
suffered a severe head trauma which made him completely blind. During 
this time he gained expertise in operating a wide range of adaptive 
technologies. After 13 years, he started to spontaneously regain his 
sight and now three years later he holds a full UK drivers license. He 
has incredible insight into the worlds of blind and partially sighted 
Internet users. Dr Jon Dodd, holds a doctorate in Visual and 
Computational Neuroscience from Oxford University and is the Technical 
Director at Bunnyfoot. He is widely experienced at producing accessible 
sites and advising companies on how to achieve the benefits provided by 
universal design. He will be demonstrating effective uses of the 
different multimedia technologies. Robert Stevens, business graduate 
experienced in working in the American and European technology markets 
and Commercial Director at Bunnyfoot. He will be talking about how 
accessibility can be employed to reach international markets through 
automatic translation and closed captions. Alexander Scott (tbc), head 
of web design at the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, will be 
talking about how accessible multimedia files are being used in the 
www.togetheritworks.org.uk , sponsored by the RNID and Barclays bank. 
The forum is on Thursday 30 May, 1:30 - 4:30 PM, London W1 More details 
are available at www.bunnyfoot.com/forum I hope you will be able to 
attend and look forward to meeting you there. Yours sincerely, Robert. 
Robert Stevens Bunnyfoot - Usability & Accessibility Specialists Tel: + 
44 1235 838514 www.bunnyfoot.com rob at bunnyfoot.com Accessible Multimedia 
Forum 30 May London W1 Learn something new, meet interesting people 
Details at: www.bunnyfoot.com/forum' where contactid = '27959'"

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