[thesite] list subscription pages (was: Once More, with Design)

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Fri May 24 17:37:00 CDT 2002

>On May 24, Marlene Bruce had something to say about [thesite] list...
>>>adrian handles the lists now, so i guess he should be answering anyways.
>>>if he set it up that way for theforum, maybe that's the "new policy"
>>Somehow doubt he's changed that particular thing (Adrian?), I suspect
>>he inherited it that way.
>theforum has always been adrian's baby.

Well I obviously didn't realize that, and theforum's page being that 
way doesn't make that particular page representative of a "new 
policy," as any such policy would be for theforum to decide. The fact 
is that we obviously don't have a uniform policy, as evidenced by all 
of the inconsistency from one list subscription page to another. We 
really oughta fix that.

(cc'ing theforum...)


P.S. For theforum: We're talking about the fact that theforum's 
subscriber list is freely available through its subscription page, 
while a subscriber list inquiry requires log-in on thechat, and isn't 
available at all on the others.

Not to mention that the page designs aren't consistent ... and that 
Dan's email address is listed as the main contact on thesite's main 
page (not to mention on the meo pages, but there's a whole lotta 
wrong there)...

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