[thesite] why join, act II

Marlene Bruce marlene at digitizethis.com
Fri May 31 05:25:00 CDT 2002

Hey folks,

I was just perusing old emails, and realized something Michele said 
she'd take care of seems to have been sidestepped.

Here's the email I sent back on January 13:


Hey all,


I believe in some former incarnation, this page answered the 
question, "Why join?"

We need to put that info back in, and at the top above the form 
fields. If I were a new visitor who happened to click the "Join" link 
and got this page, I wouldn't have any idea why joining would be of 
benefit to me.

As it is right now this is a barrier to membership.



I checked just now and instead of being fixed, all that really 
happened is that the "Why join?" link in the Log In area was simply 

Can someone locate the page in its former incarnation and reinsert 
the text at the top of the current page?

Do you need new text?


P.S. A number of other things mentioned around that same time DID get 
acted on, which was great. I just think this is important enough to 

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