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Mon Oct 28 11:50:01 CST 2002


A quick heads up.  The following error was generated at http://www.evolt.org/"img.php?f($uniq)+x(300)\" <P>An error occurred while evaluating the expression:
<P><PRE> "caller.attributes.#ListFirst(listElement, '=')#" = IIF(ListLen(listElement, '=') IS 2, "ListLast(listElement, '=')", DE(""))
</PRE></P></P>Error near line 67, column 12.<HR><P>Cannot set dynamic variable with name 'caller.attributes.f($uniq)+x(300)\"'. The variable name is illegal. Variable names must start with a letter and can include only letters, numbers, and underscores. 
Caught an exception, type = EXPRESSION

The contents of the tag stack are:
 - CFTRY (26,1) /home/evolt/public_html/alphaboxcontroller.cfm  - CFINCLUDE (27,3) /home/evolt/public_html/alphaboxcontroller.cfm  - CF_UTA (5,1) /home/evolt/public_html/evolt/application.cfm  - CFIF (64,1) /home/evolt/public_html/evolt/uta.cfm  - CFLOOP (66,3) /home/evolt/public_html/evolt/uta.cfm  - CFSET (67,5) /home/evolt/public_html/evolt/uta.cfm 

See that attachment for the full details about the request and the error.


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