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Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 08:48:14 CST 2006

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John Handelaar wrote:
> Max Schwanekamp wrote:
>>> Yes, since we now use Drupal, it might be an idea
>>> to create a new node type for them and move them
>>> into the main site.
>> Good idea.
>>> We could start a conversation about *that* maybe...
>> Well, why not?  There are some occasional gems in the tips, and it would 
>> be nice if those coming to them long after the current week has come and 
>> gone would be able to comment.  Of course, having not been involved with 
>> any of the Drupal transition, I'm not sure what the time cost would be 
>> compared to the modest benefit doing this would achieve.  Anyone care to 
>> comment?
> I'll defer to Dean, since this is very much his baby.
> Knocking up a content type is simple enough but
> I'll need him to suggest a schema for it.
> In reverse, I can provide a very precise chain of DB
> events required to insert new tips without b0rking
> the site.

Just let me know what needs to be done/changed.  One thing to note is
that tip authors may not have www.evolt.org accounts and they may not
even be subscribed to thelist.

Currently there is only one table that contains all of the tips and
looks like:

tipid          int(11)         # sequence number
messageid      int(11)         # foreign key back to thelist table
tip_date       datetime        # date grabbed from e-mail header
tip_type_id    int(11)         # canonical tip type (deprecated)
author_id      int(11)         # foreign key back to old users table
attrib_type    varchar(255)    # given tip type
attrib_author  varchar(255)    # author (given or take from header)
tip_body       longtext        # the tip

It would be nice if tips could have multiple "types" or that they could
be "tagged", as the kids say.  Since we have access to the "users"
table, we could start re-associating tips with their weo ID.  Tip type
is not used anymore because I don't bother categorizing them anymore.


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