[thesite] Commenting on tips from thelist?

Dean Mah dean.mah at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 12:10:20 CST 2006

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Max Schwanekamp wrote:
> Dean Mah wrote:
>> It would be nice if tips could have multiple "types" or that they could
>> be "tagged", as the kids say.  Since we have access to the "users"
>> table, we could start re-associating tips with their weo ID.  Tip type
>> is not used anymore because I don't bother categorizing them anymore.
> Is there an "anonymous" account to use as a default?  I found that 
> useful on a Drupal site being transitioned from an old static one.

It would be nice if the original author could get credit for the tip.
So even if they didn't have an account in Drupal, it would be nice to at
least link their e-mail address or e-mail name as the author.  This
would likely mean adding new Drupal accounts dynamically and could cause
a mess....

> The tip "type" value as used on the list is really just a title for the 
> tip, and thus would be the title field for the post in Drupal.  Though 
> occasionally the tip author does not include it...

The attrib_type (which should be the title) defaults to "Unclassified".
 Depending on the tip, I go in and set it to something.


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