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Thu Jun 29 21:43:50 CDT 2000

At 11:35 30/06/00 +0930, you wrote:

> > >Should they change their name to McTuvalu to get some advertising 
> cash? After
> > >all, it's only a name - the country would still run regardless.
> > You're assuming that by allowing anyone in the world to buy gazillions .tv
> > domains, the Tuvalu image will be tarnished.
>Changing the .WS nic to "worldsites" is a better example than Tuvalu. They've
>tarnished their rep by doing that. McSamoa...

They did?  I can't find it.

Held by: Government of Western Samoa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.O. Box 
1861, Apia, Samoa

Contacts are: Computer Services Ltd. Samoa, Lotemau Centre, Apia, Western Samoa

It's all done in Samoa.  How is this any different from Melbourne IT, also 
a for-profit company?
"The WS Samoan Worldsite".  Still says Samoan. What's the problem?

Most people don't know what the 'W' is for anyway.  It stands for Western, 
as opposed to American Imperialism Samoa.  ;)

> > With the exception of Australia, which has most rigid and draconian domain
> > policy of any ccTLD.
>Don't start a fight now - I'm only a few hours away by plane. ;)

Yeah, and the flights are cheaper than internal ones!

>Australia does have a more restrictive system (probably not for much longer),
>but it's kept a lot of crap out of the area...

What crap?  Give examples of crap in other countries.  And how do you think 
this crap has harmed that country's internet industry?

We've had this conversation before - a lot of the "crap" can actually be 
credited with furthering technology, which then becomes mainstream.  For 
example we can thank porn sites for the rapid rate of e-commerce 
development.  The fraud they have to deal with is incredible..


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