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James Counihan j.counihan at centren.com
Thu Jun 29 23:40:16 CDT 2000

Hi Tim

Your message dropped through the cracks in my email strategy; sorry about
the delay in replying to you!

The place is <http://www.unclaimeddomains.com>. The site's pretty hokey; the
product, however, seems to be straight up. It's $49 for one year of updates.

umm.. btw: while I'm thinking of it, "Here are the last 5 editions of the
Expired Names Update, starting with the most recent, and going back 5
weeks.": <http://www.unclaimeddomains.com/vrdic19429.html>.

I just checked that page, and *guess what* - it stays updated. So, if you
were to check back there in a week or so, it might even have next week's
list on it.. but you didn't hear that from me..

NSI seems to operate in their own little world, with their own little
agenda. The best way to keep track of questionable tactics is by going to
<http://www.domainnamebuyersguide.com>. Go to the rankings, click on the
'consumer alert' for Network Solutions, and see what their current game is.
NSI's attempt to shuttle domains to a new Auction Service isn't listed there
yet; there's a train of thought that NSI was floating a trial balloon with
that announcement, to judge public opinion (though what anyone thought never
bothered them before), but who knows at this point.

btw.. at <http://www.domainnamebuyersguide.com>, you'll notice that
Melbourne IT  at <www.InternetNamesWW.com> has one of the highest rankings
of all.


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I would be interested in the info on the recently expired domains list,

Is this really correct, that Network Solutions can now tie up expired
domains indefinitely? Sounds well out of order, somehow.

Tim Stewart
tstewart at gisca.adelaide.edu.au

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