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Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Fri Jun 30 05:44:43 CDT 2000

Ack! Please don't use Chicago or Charcoal! Chicago is an ancient menu 
font and Charcoal is a new menu font and imho they're great for that 
but a little too bold for most purposes.

For IE/Mac users, Verdana is a much better choice than Arial. At 
smaller sizes Arial becomes harder to read and bolded Arial doesn't 
show up as bold. :( Geneva is a uniquely Mac san-serif font and works 
great at 0.9em or about 10px. Palatino is a good choice for a 
uniquely Mac serif font. :)

>However, if you want to make Mac users love you, use a uniquely Mac 
>font like Chicago or Charcoal. Like any vociferous minority group, 
>Mac users are fiercely loyal to sites which go out of their way to 
>cater for them.
>Adding a Mac font isn't a lot of work, but it will win you major 
>loyalty from Mac users as long as the rest of the site doesn't tell 
>them to get stuffed.

Hear, Hear!
>Adding a Sherlock plugin will also be very, very helpful. More info at

Yep, gotta love those Sherlock plugins!

Thanks for the suggestions. We vociferous minority Mac users do love 
getting some attention ;)

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