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David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
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To say nothing of the new versions of Visual Studio, Visual Basic (now a
full-blown OO language), ADO+, and several other things that Microsoft is
doing with the new .NET framework. At the PDC last week, MS gave us tech
preview versions of several things coming up that are going to make things

to wit: Visual Studio now has one environment where you do all your
coding -- no more Visual C++ or Visual Basic competing with Visual Interdev.

And not only does ASP+ support lotsa languages, they can all inherit from
each other, and all your server side code is fully compiled at runtime.

Check http://www.asptoday.com for some serious skinny on ASP+. Alex Homer
has several articles there from a book that he co-authored for Wrox about
ASP+. They gave us copies of that, too, and it's really good.

Oooooo! And wait till you see the Trace function! You call this object in
your page and when you run it, it creates a second page that shows you step
by step how the page was process and highlights areas that might be causing

Mas, mas coolio

Sorry if most of this has been touched on -- I just re-subbed after my


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> oooh you kids are gonna love this. ASP+ will support lotsa languages....
> and a small correction on my tip last Friday, ASP+ will (eventually) run
> Win9x, NT, and win2k.
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