My last one I swear. (was Re: [thelist] re:site price help)

Greg Strange gstrange at
Tue Jul 18 01:42:06 CDT 2000

on 7/18/00 12:36 AM, Martin at martin at wrote:

>> not the ravings of an admitted radical on the Internet.
> Nice to know that I've been promoted to 'radical' - something I've
> always aspired to.

Sorry to make you feel included in the club I was designating for myself.
Of course if you agree with me, I'll let you in.

>> My mother on the other hand was an administrative law
>> judge for the Department of Labor for nearly seven years.
> If you wish to consult your mother and get her professional advice
> (backed by her professional indemnity insurance, of course) then you
> are entirely at liberty to have that assurance for your business. Not
> every member of thelist has that freedom or the cash to pay for the
> advice, so hints of best practise may be welcome.

Absolutely in agreement.  I was only trying to make sure that no one was
getting the idea that lawsuits were imminent.  And that to hide behind the
law to do the very thing we are talking about (i.e., restrain trade) is just
as bad.

I'm done.  I swear.  Bait me all you like.

Greg Strange

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