[thelist] Flash Genius (Was: Tremendously simple use of flash...)

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 18 09:28:35 CDT 2000

i think you misunderstood... perhaps 'disable' wasn't the best 
word... i should have continued the 'making useless' concept...

go to a Flash site... a content-rich one... or even a content-light 
one... surf around for a while... then hit your browser's 'back' 
button... what happens?  you don't go back one Flash screen you 
go back to the last page *before* the Flash movie... how do you get 
back where you were in the Flash movie?  hit the 'forward' button?  
sure, that puts you back at the beginning of the Flash movie... 
gotta click on your own to get back to where you were...

as for the address bar, you are always on the same HTML page... 
no changes in the address, no way to bookmark a specific Flash 
screen, just a useless address... i don't about you, but i rely on the 
address bar to give me an idea of where i am in a site, especially 
when the navigation isn't easy to figure out... so the address bar 
becomes useless...

i wasn't talking about sites that launch a new window and eat your 
chrome, although i tend to dislike those as well...

> From: George Donnelly <gsd at mac.com>
> really? i could have sworn that on more than one ocassion i had
> clicked on view > button bar and gotten all the controls back... but
> maybe i was hallucinating? :-)
> > people forget that since Flash takes over your browser (by disabling
> > the back/forward buttons, by making the address bar useless, etc.),
> > Flash developers have a responsibility to ...

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