[thelist] How would you respond to this client

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 18 09:32:32 CDT 2000

i would tell the client that you are under no such obligation... hand 
over what you've done, cash the check (not in that order, assuming 
it was sent anyway), and refund him for anything you haven't 
done... kill the project...  if he hasn't paid anything, pull the site.

you can explain that you will only proceed with a contract that 
protects both you and him with a clear scope definition, 
milestones, and an outline of both parties' responsibilities...

ultimately, this sounds like one of those clients who is going to be 
more of a hassle than he's worth... a contract can help protect 
you... without one, i'd walk away...

>From: Jodi Short <weboriginals at yahoo.com>

> Here is a message I just received from a client that
> refused to sign a contract.  During the course of the

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