[thelist] Perl beginner's questions plu Outlook issue

Erik Sabowski Erik.Sabowski at noaa.gov
Tue Jul 18 10:35:22 CDT 2000

it's not that your line breaks are getting mangled, it's that windoze
and unix interpret line breaks differently. to prevent that in the
future, make usre you are transfering the file as ascii. if you transfer
an ascii file as binary, you'll get the exact problem you have.

as for the form-to-mail thing...are you trying to have a script email
you what someone submits on a form? if that's the case, it's pretty easy
if you have access to sendmail on your unix machine.

open(SENDMAIL, "|/usr/local/sendmail -oi -t -odq") or die "couldn't
send: $!\n";

print SENDMAIL <<"EOF";
From: Person <person at domain.com>
To: Person <person at domain.com>
Subject: Form Results

#put the form results here


and that's it. if your sendmail path is different, change it in the
script (you can find it by running 'which sendmail'). (i hope that's the
answer you were looking for)

as for your Outlook problem...can't help ya, i stopped using that piece
of crap.


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