[thelist] re:site price help

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Tue Jul 18 10:58:13 CDT 2000

> I can't speak for the rest of evolt.org admin, but my stance is that
> members are welcome to discuss whatever they want, related to this
> industry. I wouldn't intervene. It is up to the individual.

1. Price-fixing is an issue that has been discussed ad nauseum on every
developer list I've been on. No, I'm not a lawyer and I'm proud of it,
however, it is one of those sticky areas that most of us don't want to get

2. No one is under any obligation to answer a question or solve someone
else's problem. If you come on the list and ask everyone "How much do you
make?" and no one answers then tough! No one feels like telling you how much
they make so why don't you go look up the handfull of salary surveys on the
web and figure it out.

- Amanda

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