[thelist] CF Help - I don't know what to call it.

Seth Bienek - Web Consultant sbienek at acep.org
Tue Jul 18 12:40:49 CDT 2000

Miya ML,

Is there a URL or some source code (even just a snippet) that we can have a
look at?

I'm not sure exactly what it is you're displaying in the form, or what data
you are wanting the user to be able to change.



Seth Bienek
Independent ColdFusion Developer

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> Dear evolters,
> I'd really like your help with a form I'm working on. Using 
> <cfoutput>,
> I'm generating and populating form inputs of type="text" and
> type="checkbox". Colleague IDs go into the text boxes and 
> whether or not
> each student has accessed a page ("0" and "1") goes into the 
> checkboxes.
> It's an administration page so I'd like to give the faculty in charge
> the ability to change Colleague IDs and the "Accessed" value. 
> I think I
> can work on the Colleague ID part on my own, but I've been 
> stumped when
> I try to write the code on the action page of the form to changed the
> "Accessed" value. 
> Every student has a unique Colleague ID (of course) and the checkboxes
> corresponding to each student will be checked if a survey 
> page has been
> accessed, and not checked if it hasn't. What I'd like to be able to do
> is let the admin faculty member in charge be able to check the box off
> to let the student access the page again, if an error had occured
> before. I've tried every permutation of <cfif>, <cfoutput>, and
> <cfquery> but to no avail. 
> The only results I've been getting are that all the checkboxes are
> checked or unchecked if I try to change one of them. If I check more
> than one, nothing gets updated.
> Has anyone tried this with more luck than I? I'd appreciate 
> any help you
> can give. Thanks, in advance.
> </ml>
> <tip type="ColdFusion">
> ColdFusion allows you to easily loop through the results of a query
> using either the tag <cfloop query="queryname"> or the tag <cfoutput
> query="queryname">. However, what you may not know is that it is not
> necessary to first test for results of a query before you execute the
> loop. 
> ColdFusion will automatically check for a record count 
> greater than zero
> for the query before it executes the loop. If the query does 
> not contain
> any results, the loop is simply ignored. This will save you some
> processing time by eliminating the need to wrap your loop 
> with the <cfif
> queryname.recordcount gt 0> command.
> </tip>
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