[thelist] Quick Mouseover Check (Client Doesn't See It)

Isaac Forman isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Jul 18 22:18:37 CDT 2000

Hi Gina,

> I'm working on a project as a freelancer, and I need a quick
> check on a mouseover image. I would like PC and especially
> Mac users to test it out, as I believe the client is on a
> Mac.  The client isn't seeing it, but it works on my side
> and my outsourcer's side. Here's the link to the page:

Do any of the images have an underscore in the name *other* than the one
preceding the 'state'? ie, front_nameofimage_on.gif?

I recently found a problem with an otherwise great script of Jeff's, where files
with a certain naming structure caused problems in IE4.5/Mac. If I removed the
extra underscore, the mouseovers worked correctly.

So, for example I changed nav_aboutus_off.gif to aboutus_off.gif

I'm not sure if you're using Jeff's script, or something similar, but I thought
I'd take a wild guess.


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