[thelist] Rollovers without links

Theodore Serbinski need-4-speed-ski at erols.com
Wed Jul 19 12:46:59 CDT 2000

> >  i am building a site that has rollover buttons which trigger dropdown
> > menus....the problem is the rollovers don't link to anything...is
> > there any way to change the little HAND icon to the ARROW icon when on
> > these rollovers?
> you mean for the users who can see the DHTML?  no, not for all of
> them... IE has some stuff, but i woulnd't recommend it (if i could
> find that damn link)... corrections or links appreciated...

Yes you can change the hand like aardvark mentioned, but yea, it only works
in IE4+. To do this:

<img src="yourimagerollover.gif" onmouseover="this.style.cursor='default'">

I am assuming though you would have to add that onmouseover action to your
rollover script or put it somewhere.

reference used for finding info:


<tip author="ted serbinski" type="IE CSS">
For a fairly complete and useful reference, be sure to check Micrsoft's list
of all CSS attributes IE supports, including the ones they have sumbitted
for being added to the standard.

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