[thelist] contract help

Theodore Serbinski need-4-speed-ski at erols.com
Wed Jul 19 14:56:14 CDT 2000

I was wondering if any of you evolters would mine taking a look over a
proposal with bids that I am working on. I have never done an official one
so any thoughts would be welcome. To avoid any conflicts/flames, if you
could contact me offlist at motionblur at bigfoot.com or thru ICQ 13507724 or
AIM sitzmark24, any help/comments would be extremely appreciated.



<tip author="ted serbinski" type="posting">
Always review any emails you are about to send to thelist. Try to avoid any
extremely negative thoughts/put downs. Those won't help anyone, nor will it
solve any problems/questions. Remember, a happy list is a useful and
productive list.

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