[thelist] CF Timestamp in a hidden input

rudy limeback r937 at interlog.com
Thu Jul 20 07:24:49 CDT 2000

>When I view source, I see:
><input type="Hidden" name="Timestamp" value="7/19/2000 2:50:16 PM">
>But when the form is submitted, only the date portion is passed onto the
>db. Why is that?

hi minh

which database?  what's the datatype of the column?

despite my  recommendation to use the database's datestamp when logging
inserts, there *are* situations where you want to insert a date field from
a form

for example, you stuffed a server date into your hidden field, sent it out
with the page, and when it comes back, you insert it into the database --
this would be one way to measure how long it takes people to fill out your
form   ;o)


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