[thelist] Need help : HTML from PC > Mac

Jen Worden jen at meadoworks.com
Thu Jul 20 09:11:41 CDT 2000

Hi Evolters ...

(Trying this again - first one didn't go through) I'm in a quandry and need
some help/advice.

The Situation : I've just finished a CD for a high school alumni reunion
(1st & last time!) - comprised of 2 parts. The first is a
slideshow/Director movie authored on PC - this, I knew, wouldn't be Mac
accessible. The second is in HTML and figured it would be readable on Mac.
No dice! All the files have been changed from long-file names to
capitalized with "~1" at the end. Needless to say, it is unusable.

The Question : Is there a way of having a CD produced/burned on PC that
will be readable by Mac? 

Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome as the Mac-users (rightly
so) are getting ticked off!

TIA ... Jen
Jen Worden - Web Developer
meadoworks - http://www.meadoworks.com

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