[thelist] OT: Windows 98 Shortcut Key

Annie Phelan aphelan at norlink.net
Fri Jul 21 10:35:57 CDT 2000

ok this is sooooo off topic, but bought and paid for (note my dandy tip)
and i just HAVE to ask. I have an anti-mouse obsession, and existed
beautifully never using it until a wonderful little tool in Win98 ruined
my world. That snazzy little hotspot down by my start button, I can't
remember what it's called (or i never knew and i'm covering for my
ignorance), where you can place little icons for quick and easy access,
is there a shortcut key? I need a shortcut key, i am DYING without a
shortcut key!


<tip author="aphelan at norlink.net" type="Flash">
FSCommand in Flash4 + Platform * does not work in Netscape even though
the HTML was generated using the Flash 4 Publish feature's FSCommand
template because the template that Flash uses to publish the HTML file
with FSCommand is missing the NAME parameter in the <EMBED> tag. This
parameter enables the Flash plug-in to communicate with JavaScript in
the browser. To fix this open the FSCommand template in an HTML or text
editor. Inside the <EMBED> tag, insert NAME=$TI and save the template
with the same file name, FSCommand.html, in the HTML folder inside the
Flash 4 application folder.
Problem solved :)

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