[thelist] Are Web designers weird?

John Snippe design at cybernautica.com
Sat Jul 22 09:07:03 CDT 2000

On 7/22/00,  regarding " Re: [thelist] Are Web designers weird? ",  Ben
Henick offered the following:

>> On 7/21/00,  regarding " [thelist] Are Web designers weird? ",  Erika
>> Meyer offered the following:
>> >
>> >hungry?
>> Not any more :-(
>Eh, try to be nice.  No reason why you can't replace the tofu with
>meat, the seaweed with something more traditional, etc. etc.  In the
>meantime, it's called "egg drop soup" - at least at the places I've
>eaten.  And it's good when done properly.
>Whatever the case, eat whatever floats yer boat.  It's what "personal
>taste" is all about.

Sorry 'bout that.  Wasn't really trying to be unkind... but maybe came off
that way.  Being a non-westcoaster, (and maybe a bit gastronomically
conservative) it seemed kinda 'out-there' for me... nothing personal, fer

BTW:  Que este 'raman'?
>On to the original topic... I don't think that Webvolk are "weird" so
>much as "doin' their own thing."
>I've long since concluded that for the most part, the majority of us
>were horribly picked on in middle school for being "different."  That's
>not just my story, but the story of many others as well (as garnered
>from personal experience).
>You have the "model citizen" types too, but they're only in it for the
>money.  The rest of us are actually trying to build something that
>stands a snowball's chance in hell of being around a while.

And then there's those among us who, when they found out what 'telecommute'
meant, went "EUREKA!!!"... and either immediately retired or slowly weened
ourseves from the rat-race to stay home with the wife'n'kids, backyard
broccolli patch, and neighbours.  Who says that this new digital medium
doesn't enhance community?

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