[thelist] critique for the uninspired designer

Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com
Sun Jul 23 15:22:51 CDT 2000


I've been "working" all week on a site redesign project for a company called
CarrAmerica (http://www.carramerica.com/).

Since I've been uninspired by this conservative project (and distracted by
other things) I now have less than 24 hours before we present to the client.
I'm at work. On a beautiful Sunday. Darn it.

If anyone would take a look at my home page comps and offer feedback, I'd
appreciate it. You can see them at:

If you're on a slow connection, THE DOWNLOAD TIME MAY BE LONG! We're
required to save these at highest quality JPEG...

Another designer is also doing comps, so mine won't be the only ones

Thanks bunches,

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