[thelist] OT (verbage)

Jacob Stetser lists at icongarden.com
Mon Aug 7 05:31:24 CDT 2000

>>Darn it, "Impact" is a noun, *not* a verb. Something can have an impact,
>>but it cannot be "impacted".
>Actually I think there are medical applications of 'to impact'.

The problem with the verb "to impact" is not its status as a word, 
but rather that it conveys very little information: "The new 
competitor's business model impacted our bottom line." Impacted how? 
The word, suffering from tremendous blandness, enjoys no true 
association in anyone's linguistic model. It would be more precise to 
say "The new competitor's business model _hurt_ our bottom line."

That's the problem with most buzzwords. They're euphemisms.

Jake Stetser
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