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Anthony Baratta Anthony at Baratta.com
Tue Aug 8 14:22:53 CDT 2000

elkay wrote:
> Hi all,
> I received an RFP, that included these parameters:
> "We will not be requiring hosting services, I will want it to reside on my
> local server. We have a DSL Internet connection running at 144K and would
> want the site to operate efficiently for customers. In addition, we would
> like to provide customer access to our SQL 7.0 database. They should be able
> to view their order information and submit new orders that we can verify
> then ship on.  Security is a major concern..."
> Not being a server admin type or having ever set up a site this way, would
> anyone like to offer comments or cavaets for this type of request.

One - I for one would not want to write apps with SQL without having admin control
(either myself or my company) of the box and MS SQL. I'm just a control freak that
way. Every time I give up admin control someone at the client side 'gets smart' and
stops the app from working - causing me a ton of pain.

Two - 144 DSL is not reliable enough IMVHO for hosting. Nor may it be enough
bandwidth. Co-Lo's are the way I'd point the customer.

Good Luck.

Anthony Baratta
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