[thelist] International Browser Norms

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 9 16:44:25 CDT 2000

> From:  "kev.skindrill" <kev.skindrill at bigfoot.com>
>             If I may be able to stroke the ego of one of our fellow
> evoltians for a moment, I seem to remember a similar thread a while
> ago and aardvark said that he coded to the HTML 2 spec and then added
> all the bells & whistles like mouse overs for browsers that can handle
> it (that was the general gist of it). This struck me as one of the
> best pieces of advice I have ever read on the List. I use 1st Page

thanks, i'm quite glad to hear that...

i also use that method for CSS (for now, that'll change once N6 
gets true market share and the 3.x users fall away some more)... i 
code using (ack) font tags and all - make it look just right without 
*any* CSS, and then start wrapping in your classes and applying 
your global styles...

it isn't the best solution for all circumstances, but for my client-
base it certainly is (one client surfs on NN3.02 on the Mac and 
always complains that text is too small and has too little leading)...

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