[thelist] RE: help with dhtml and layers in NN

Daniel McMurray mcmurd at ccaa.edu
Fri Aug 11 08:09:25 CDT 2000

ok, this one screams for an apology and a tip....I know I'm not the first
one to do this (thankfully) but it's no less embarrassing.....

Sorry guys!

<tip type="stock stuff">
If you have the need for stock material, whether it be pictures, sounds,
movie clips or even midi files, before you go to that site and pay
$20-$80/item, check what you already have.  Raid your CD-Rom collection
looking for valuable stuff.  Heck, pull out old photo albums and look
there.  If you use one with people in it, make sure you get their
permission, of course.  For that matter, make sure pay attention to
copyrights around the board, especially if you do raid your CD-Rom
There's a lot of useful stuff to be found, especially if you work on a
small budget!

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