[thelist] Critique please (http://squalidnet.port5.com)

Dave Stevens squalid at libertysurf.co.uk
Sun Aug 13 12:42:28 CDT 2000

> Hi Mr. Dave:

> A few things.  I really like it, first of all.


> I don't think I'm getting the same effect in the mouse-over that Elkay
> is getting, it seems okay to me, but I looked with NN (well, let me pull
> out IE).   Ah, yes I see, it is "painful".  Well, back to the drawing
> board w/ that one --- especially since most folks are going to be
> looking at it with IE.  I did, however, get [even when still on the home
> page] the "go home" mouse-over, and I don't think you want that.

Tis gone, and as soon as I sort out whatever it is with my computer that
prevents me from installing IE, I'll sort that out too.

> I agree it bottoms out too fast, just a few more lines would feel more
> comfortable.

I'll put them in.

> You say the band is from the Reading area.  Do you mean Reading,
> Pennsylvania... you might want to add that, and even consider adding
> United States?

Uh..no...Reading, Berkshire, England....I'd better put that in.

> i do think the font will be too small for a mac, but hopefully a real
> mac person will look and let you know for sure.

I'll make it different for mac visitors then.

> i like your writing style, and i think it reads well, and that's one of
> the hardest things to get together.
 Thanks - I just had a few things I needed to let people know and thats
how I did it.

Thanks for your time!
Mr Dave

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