[thelist] cfmail not sending mail

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Tue Sep 5 23:38:14 CDT 2000

Hi Markus -

markus weisshaar wrote:
> I have verified the SMTP server using the CF Admin and by
> telneting to port 25 of the mail server.  Both give good
> results.  I have tried using the name and IP address of the
> server to no avail.  I'm confused.  Is CFMAIL a self contained
> package or does it need some outside SMTP program to send mail? 
> I have looked at the Allaire knowledge base and tried all the
> possible solutions offered, but with no luck.
Make sure you have relaying turned on in the mailserver configuration 
for the host your sending from. That is, if you're sending from 
www.foo.com you have to add www.foo.com(or its IP address) as a host 
that can relay through your mailserver. What mailserver are you running?

CFMAIL isn't a self contained mail package in itself.. It only passes 
the mail on to a functional SMTP server and thats where it actually gets 
delivered from.

Hope that helps..


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