[thelist] screen resolutions

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 7 07:41:50 CDT 2000

speaking of Yahoo, anybody remember this post?  i didn't
even try it at 800x600... ok, no scroll at 800... maybe they
fixed some of their coding...

> From: rudy limeback <r937 at interlog.com>
> Date: June 24, 2000 19:09
> Subject: Re: [thelist] Sites with good code- where do you
> speaking of coding, anybody been to yahoo.com lately?
> i'm at 800x600 and i got a horizontal scrollbar, the page
is too wide, but
> only by a small amount (looks like it's about 90 pixels
too much)
> anyhow, do a view source of the yahoo.com main page, and
you'll see (1)
> some pretty wacky html coding, and (2) table width=640 a
few times
> now, i can dig the wacky coding, it's really neat, but
what's with the
> width=640 tables?  what's up with that?  no way that's
gonna fit into a
> 640x480 screen....  what were they smoking?  i mean, what
could possibly
> be the justification for width=640 tables?
> and what's causing the horizontal scrollbar at 800x600?

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