[thelist] Re: securing images

Conrad E. Muller muller at akdocs.com
Thu Sep 7 15:01:57 CDT 2000

No matter what you do, anyone can capture a picture off of the screen. On Windows you just hit the
Print Screen key and edit/copy the resulting graphic into any paint program.

Remember that the computer screen resolution is too low to make a good print. Keep the graphic
small. That is the best you can do.


> > From: "tjfaloon1" <tjfaloon1 at msn.com>
> >
> > I don't think it is impossible. I've visited sites where I have tried
> yes it is...
> > to copy images & have gotten the message "this option has been
> > disabled".  This is what I wish to do to mine. I have a picture to
> tell me the URL and the pics you want, and gimme a couple
> minutes, i'll get 'em all... and probably without screen captures...
> > post that is used by a band to sell for a profit. I'm not sure how the
> > copyright laws work and if it ma

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