[thelist] shopping carts

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Sun Sep 10 21:02:03 CDT 2000

> OK that's cool. Moving on though, how do you do it interface-wise? I had
> (before allowing for the possibility of product attributes) a list of
> products (or optionally drill down for details on a product). In the list
> the detail listing there would be a "buy" link sending you to an updated
> view of your cart.
> If there are options to choose from would you insert an intermediate
> (confusing I feel) or force the shopper to choose from a list when they
> click "buy"? When viewing the details of an individual product, displaying
> list of different options with "buy" next to each is clearly better.

Absolutely. But, the problem arises when you don't have a individual product
detail. I just did a site that sold replacement parts. You'd select a
product and it would show all the replacement parts for that product. You
checked the ones you wanted, and clicked "add to cart". Where's the
attribute selections? I mean, we could have different colors/sizes on
replacement parts. Just think if they were aftermarket car parts.
Fortunately, i didn't have to do that. But, what would you do in that case.
Seems that an intermediary page is the ONLY answer... unless you insert the
product in the basket and drill down to the actual SKU (or whatever) later
in the order process. But, that seems flakey to me.

> But if I have a page listing ten products, I can hardly put option choices
> in there. I could have "buy" links that add straight to your cart or take
> you to the product details page depending on whether or not there are any
> options. Is that confusing???????

Damn. I need to read the full email before I hit reply. I really don't have
a good answer. Never really been in that situation. If you wanted to force
the move from the list of ten to the product details page, that would
simplify things.


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