[thelist] How to control TEXTAREA font size, etc...?

Simon sentient at mail.com
Mon Sep 11 16:44:53 CDT 2000

At 1:57 PM -0700 9/11/00, Sam-I-Am wrote:
> also - you can alter the size and font face
> in netscape using an old fashioned FONT tag:
> <font size="+3" face="wingdings"><textarea rows="5" cols="40">
> </textarea></font>

Hunh..?? What's a FONT tag??? You guys been
hiding good old stuff from me again?

Actually, that was one of the things I tried.

Doesn't seem to work on Netsape 4.7 Mac.
Also overrides the stylesheet in IE5.0 Mac.
Didn't look any further since I was looking
for ways that would work on the Mac
platform too.

I'm just not going to bother with using the
textarea non-solution anymore unless the
layout for that area isn't size-dependent.

Thanks for the help, but until NN gets
its act together it's just not worth all
the hacking on this one. I'll just go
another way.



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