[thelist] How to control TEXTAREA font size, etc...?

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Thu Sep 14 14:22:27 CDT 2000

[simon wrote]
> Doesn't seem to work on Netsape 4.7 Mac.
> Also overrides the stylesheet in IE5.0 Mac.

hmm. you're not wrong there. That's one new thing I learned today.

The thing is that using a textarea for code display is also problematic:
(try: http://www.sam-i-am.com/misc/testsuite/html/code_in_textarea.html

in Mozilla M17 (and NN6 PR2) (if you care about that...)

There used to be the XMP tag - that would display its contents as is, so
you didn't have to escape anything. But that's officially obsolete now:

however it still works for me in 
	(Win32) NN4.7, IE4, IE5,
	(Mac) 	IE4.5, IE5, NN4.5

(try: http://www.sam-i-am.com/misc/testsuite/html/xmp.html )

but *NOT* in Mozilla M17 / NN6. Poop. Anyone know of another equivalent
element that will do the same job?

meantime I use a little script I wrote for Homesite to escape my HTML
for code listings. Its documented / and downloadable at



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