[thelist] Product configurator tools?

Jeff Moisan jeff_moisan at email.msn.com
Tue Sep 12 19:57:31 CDT 2000

I hope this isn't too basic. I want to create an intranet site for our
company. On the site, I would like to create a tool that our traveling staff
can use to create orders. Our product is a series of "shells" that can be
configured internally with shelves, totes and labels which match our
clients' needs for inventory management. To see our product, please go to
www.hostar.com. Because there are so many variables, orders are typically
full of mistakes and I would like to make rules with a visual configurator
that would eliminate most of the mistakes.
So, what would be the best approach? Would Visual Studio 6.0 work? UltraDev?
DreamWeaver? Generator? There are too many programs, and I want to make sure
I pick and learn the best one for my purpose. Any ideas would be great.


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