[thelist] Product configurator tools?

Walker, Matthew Matthew.Walker at cdc.org.nz
Tue Sep 12 20:15:31 CDT 2000

> Because there are so many variables, orders 
> are typically
> full of mistakes and I would like to make rules with a visual 
> configurator
> that would eliminate most of the mistakes.
> So, what would be the best approach? Would Visual Studio 6.0 
> work? UltraDev?
> DreamWeaver? Generator? There are too many programs, and I 
> want to make sure
> I pick and learn the best one for my purpose. Any ideas would 
> be great.
What you are looking for is a server-side language. Tools like UltraDev and
InterDev are merely tools for writing those languages, just like DW is a
tool for writing HTML/dHTML. You should be thinking about things like PHP,
ASP, and ColdFusion. Also, since it's only used by staff, you might be able
to get away with writing it in client-side JavaScript!

One thing you will need to do is draw out on paper a storyboard of *exactly*
how all the forms will behave in various situations. It'll make the
programming a breeze.

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