[thelist] PDF to HTML

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 13 07:23:49 CDT 2000

> From: Niklaus Haldimann
> We have a bunch (read: hundreds) of PDFs that we
> need to convert to HTML
> pages. What's the fastest way to do that? Is
> there even a way to do it
> automatically? We only need to preserve basic
> formatting like paragraphs
> and bold or italic text.

there are a fee different ways you can do it...  some are
better than others, and some are easier than others...

copy-n-paste the rich text out and paste it into something
like Word... then export to HTML and run it through DW's
clean-up... open the PDF in your favorite illustration or
page-layout app, and do the same (practically everything
offers export to HTML now)...

otherwise, if copying the rich text doesn't work, you'll
have to copy-n-paste the plain text, and manually mark it
up... this is the best path, IMO...

> Currently we only have the Acrobat Reader. Does
> the full Acrobat version
> provide any functionality that could be useful to us?

nope, not really...

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