[thelist] thanks and easy questions

Martha Hesselein mhessel at forwardconsulting.com
Wed Sep 13 11:18:30 CDT 2000

I've been meaning to tell you folks how much I appreciate your generosity
(and forbearance) in helping people like me who are trying to figure out
aspects of web design.  I recognize the philosophy of free information
exchange, but also realize that it takes time to respond to all these
questions, both interesting and mundane.  I want you to know that, inspired
by your generosity, I do help others in web stuff at my (low) level of
expertise (mostly helping local nonprofits register with search engines...),
so your kindness is passed on.

Now here is my easy question--I know there is a trick for making an indented
list with the heading flush left and the equivalent of a <br> between the
heading and the first indented list item.  Everything I am trying
(<blockquote>, <ul>) leads to a full line space instead.  Just adding
several &nbsp; to each list item seems like cheating, and a lot of extra
code, to boot.



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