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Adobe's updated this site since I last checked, and I should add a couple of

1. They now specifically ask people not to use this for general conversion;
it's a free service provided for accessibility purposes and they don't want
it to get bogged down.

2. They DO offer a plug-in for your browser that does the same thing. It's
only for Windows right now. That would probably work better for you anyway,


3. I also found this:


Don't know anything about it beyond its existence.

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 - Hi, Niklaus --
 - Assuming that you don't have the original docs (the ones 
 - used to create the
 - PDFs in the first place), there isn't an easy AND fast AND 
 - accurate way to
 - do this. In addition to the methods already offered, there's 
 - also this:
 - http://access.adobe.com

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